Founded in 1972, Ngai Kien is the leading leather goods accessory, watch accessory, fashion jewelry, and electronic accessory manufacturer in Hong Kong. Over the past 40 years, our company has been manufacturing brass, zinc alloy, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, and metal injection molding (MIM) accessories for prominent European, American and Japanese leather goods companies, watchmakers, jewelry producers, and electronic companies.
Located in Jiangmen, China, the factory occupies a floor space of over 9,000 square meters.
Ngai Kien offers a wide range of products including buckle, slider, ring, zip puller, badge, rivet, eyelet, decorative accessory, chain, hook, watch band, watch bezel, watch case and different types of fashion jewelry and electronic accessory at competitive price. All of them are made of either Swiss or Japanese materials, and are REACH and RoHS compliant.
Metal injection molding (MIM) is the latest production process developed at Ngai Kien. The process begins with a mixture of metal powder and polymer binder material, then through an injection process, and rounds up with debinding and sintering. With MIM technology, complex and precise stainless steel accessories can be produced, which are economically infeasible with conventional production processes.
Metal injection molding (MIM) allows complex and precise components to be produced in stainless steel.
Zinc alloy injection is another new production process added to the existing manufacturing lineup. Compared to metal injection molding (MIM) and stamping, zinc alloy injection provides a more economy alternative in complex metal component production. Its edge lies on the lower cost and higher speed of production, with a monthly output of 1 million pieces.
Zinc alloy injection produces metal components at high speed and low cost.
With over 40 years of experience in dealing with stainless steel, Ngai Kien possesses the best polishing technology in the industry. Our company is also a market leader in nickel-free aluminium accessory. As a pioneer in adopting the Alumite Anodizing Technology from Japan, all of our aluminium products can pass the color fastness and nickel release tests.
In-house anodizing department guarantees the finishing quality of our aluminium products
PVD plating is also available in-house to provide high quality and durable final finishing for stainless steel and brass accessories, this vertical integration improves both delivery lead time and price competitiveness.  Plating quality is continuously monitored by x-ray machine, salt spray and artificial sweat test facilities .
PVD machine provides high quality finishing for stainless steel and brass accessories.
Equipped with advanced European and Japanese CNC and EDM machineries, and compounded by a workforce of 300, our factory provides an unrivalled production capacity and guarantees prompt delivery.
Japanese CNC machines are used in tool and prototype production in order to increase both precision and speed.
To maintain our position as the market leader, our R&D and design teams strive for technical breakthroughs and new designs relentlessly. We also welcome OEM and ensure a prompt sample submission owing to our in-house tooling facility. Because of its stringent quality control system, Ngai Kien has earned credits from internationally renowned leather goods, watch and jewelry companies.